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The Catalogue (PDF form)

This is the complete catalogue, in Adobe PDF form. (To get Adobe Reader, click on the link below.)

The NAS Choral Music Rental Library 2013–2014 catalogue contains almost 800 citations, covering choral, vocal, and conductors' scores as well as any accompanying instrumental parts. Our rental fees are generally set at 20 percent of list price, not counting postage and insurance. If you can find a verifiable rental fee that is lower than ours, we will match it! We make every effort to set our fees based on current list prices, but these fees may occasionally change without notice.

To access the catalogue, click here. Selections are listed under these headings: composer, selection, voice parts, publisher, number of pages per selection, copies available, and rental fee per copy. The symbol ** preceding the selection description indicates a Christmas or holiday selection; • indicates a new selection.

Music normally circulates for the four months prior to performance but you may rent music beyond that period on a prorated basis. All music is due back to us within 4 weeks after your last performance. All renters must pay for any lost or damaged copies. Late returns are subject to a late fee equal to 30 percent of the rental fee for each month of lateness. There is a minimum order requirement of $25.00.

Notify the rental library of your requested selection(s) by emailing Be sure to include:
  • the date when your rehearsals start,
  • the date of your last performance, and
  • the name of your chorus and the address where you want the music sent.
Payment is either by check in USD made out to New Amsterdam Singers and sent to the postal address below; or via credit card or PayPal using the form below. Sign in as a PayPal guest in order to use your credit or debit card.

  Rental Payment Amount

All checks, correspondence, and music go to:
NAS Choral Music Rental Library
395 Riverside Drive #4B
New York, NY 10025